I didn’t wake up with the idea of starting a blog, but….

……here it is all the same!

Hi. 🙂

So, this is my first blog post! At this moment in time, I am experiencing two predominant emotions. The first emotion can be described this way:

1. Hey!!! I started a blog!!! I can post my thoughts, feelings, and opinions here, and people might actually read them!!! Woohoo!!!

The second emotion can be summarized like this:

2. Hey!!! I started a blog!!! Good thing this is a free service! Come on, Lauren, you know you’re only going to make a couple of postings and then forget about it. 

So the primary emotions are excitement and…. I guess I could be a downer and say the second emotion is pessimism. But I consider myself to be an optimist, so we’ll call it realism. I think.

Anywho. I should introduce myself. 

My name is Lauren. Below is a rough representation of what I hope I look like.


I live in Western Pennsylvania, in the heart of the misty mountains. I am full to bursting with both romantic fantasy and eye-rolling pragmatism. Generally, you see some charming conglomeration of both. 

Some other stuff about me:

  • I talk a LOT. I’m trying to be a better listener. I love talking to strangers – on trains, in restaurants, in line at the DMV. You just never know who you’ll meet. 
  • I love science. I’m going for my master’s in biology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which will certainly be an adventure worth chronicling. 🙂
  • The outdoors and nature are where I feel most at home. That and onstage. I like to think I’m an actress of sorts. 
  • Nothing is more important to me than relationships. A pastor I once knew and loved deeply said this on the regular: “We were made for relationships.” I believe this, and try to operate on this principle daily. My whole family is in Florida, so if I don’t reach out to them and build those relationships, I turn into a massive heap of quivering depression. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds.

I am beginning this blog on a whim, primarily because I read an amazing blog called Single Dad Laughing (go to danoah.com to read it; it’s hilarious and insightful and real, and just fantastic) and I thought I’d give it a shot!

If you’re reading this, thank you! I do appreciate your taking the time to peruse my little blog.

I’ll be back! 🙂



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