I Proposed to my Boyfriend with a Magic: The Gathering Card

Sooooo, yesterday was kind of a big deal…not only because it was our second anniversary, but because there was cake! Why was there cake, you ask? Because yesterday evening, I asked John, my boyfriend of two years to be my husband… and he accepted!!

So, you may be wondering, why is Lauren interrupting this great story about cake to tell me about some boring engagement? Excellent point.

It’s because John is the absolute most wonderful, hysterical, kindhearted, genuine, caring person that I’ve ever met, and I feel so incredibly lucky that we found each other. He regularly gives me butterflies. He’s walked with me through so much trial and challenge and change, and has stayed by my side without fail. He makes me laugh until I can’t breathe, and loves me for exactly who I am. I am so excited to plan a wedding, invite everyone we love to celebrate with us, and then embark on a new journey together.

I could honestly go on for hours, and this is getting pretty wordy. In case you are wondering, our friend Dave’s wife made the cake, which is the one in the featured image. It was gorgeous chocolate with chocolate icing and sprinkles…. John’s favorite. 🙂

P.S… I proposed with the Magic card down below. I slipped it into John’s deck when he was being a gentleman and getting my (nonexistent) jacket from the car. ❤

Holy Matrimony

I am SOOOO freakin’ proud of this card. Flavorwise, I think it’s perfect. In retrospect, I might not have mad tapping the enchantment a requirement for the Eternal Bond ability, but I couldn’t make it *too* good.

OK, I am officially nerding out over here.

John and I met two years ago when we were both starting our first year of teaching at Poinciana High School in Florida. He had a great beard (see photo above for proof!) and so I sat next to him, and found out that he was a total nerd who was also the sweetest human ever. Two weekend dates later, I asked him to kiss me, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Three weeks after that, we were moving into an apartment together. Now we’re engaged and literally none of our friends or family are the least bit surprised because they say our love is that obvious.

I’m so, so proud and blessed to be in a relationship where the love and respect we have for each other literally shines through. This is the kind of love and trust that I’ve only dreamed about, but never thought I would actually experience.

Anyway, I’m getting super mushy here, so I’ll end it before I start posting the names of our future babies.

QUESTION: Are you engaged or married? Who popped the question? Tell me your story in the comments. 🙂





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