A Bit About Lil’ Old Me

WP_20150721_006 <- That’s lil’ old me, right there.

Name: Lauren

Age: Newly 24.

Relationship status: In love with a bespectacled, brilliant math teacher who routinely sweeps me off my feet and has absolutely no idea he’s doing it.


Here we are at a friend’s wedding, looking fabulous as hell.

Location: Western Pennsylvania. Alternatively, “Pennsyl-tucky”.

Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading, art (I use this term very loosely to describe what I create), cooking, Magic: The Gathering, shopping, finding excuses to drive long distances so I can rock out to metal in my car.

Religion: Tentatively Espiscopalian, with a hint of Buddhism.

Occupation: Full-time graduate student studying type II diabetes complications on protein circadian activity in red blood cells. Also, I substitute teach and tutor, as well as freelance write for a wonderful company called The Research Masters.

Pets: THIS GUY. He passed away last August, but this boy will always be in my heart, and he’ll always be my favorite pet. Love you, buddy. ❤


Eli. My hero.



Skylar! She looks a lot like Eli, right? Such a sweet girl.


  1. You are lucky to have this joyful relationship. Unfortunately such was not in the cards for me but I cherish and relish in the presence of my children and grandchildren. Thanks for your recent follow of my blog “I Know I Made You Smile”.



    1. Of course. Your art is cute and brings a smile to my face, just as the name suggests. 🙂 Love comes in so many different forms. It’s what nourishes our hearts, whether it’s romantic or familial or platonic. I’m so glad to hear that you are happy where you are and are surrounded by the love of your family. Thanks for your comment. 🙂



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